DA Williams, OPDA Leadership Provide Updates on Initiatives and Priorities

NEW ORLEANS – Today, Orleans Parish District Attorney (OPDA) Jason Williams, First Assistant Edward McGowan, Chief of Screening Andre Gaudin, Jr., Chief of Staff Micah Ince, and Chief of Operations & External Affairs Keith D. Lampkin presented at the City Council Quarterly Criminal Justice Budget Hearing at City Hall to provide updates on:

  • Recruitment and Retention Through Higher Education Pipelines
  • Exploring New Tools and Opportunities for Evolving Crime Patterns
  • Specialty Prosecution Units
  • Building Efficiency Through Quality Coordination with Other Stakeholders
  • Juvenile Justice and Community Interventions
  • Community Driven Public Safety Planning


“The DA’s Office aims to create a modern prosecutor’s office that is just as informed about crime as we have been resolute in dealing with it. In order to deliver justice for our citizens, we need a strong partnership with our City Council to ensure the priorities and directions of our agencies are in sync with one another to increase safety in New Orleans,” said District Attorney Jason Williams. “My office is actively seeking out all opportunities to improve our community’s public safety concerns through community-focused, data-driven strategic initiatives, efforts and collaborations that I’m more than confident will provide relief to our residents who are tired of the ongoing violence. Rest assured my administration has been, and will always be, working towards delivering justice for victims of crime in our city while ensuring that our prosecutors and staff remain accountable to the public.”

OPDA Chief of Screening Andre Gaudin Jr. details District Screener Initiative and

Risk Terrain Modeling to members of the New Orleans City Council.

The work required of the DA’s Office to increase safety through prosecution and hold violent offenders accountable requires partnership and collaboration from across neighborhoods, sectors and disciplines. We are grateful for each opportunity to share our work with members of the public and our City leaders.

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