The Victim/Witness Advocates of the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office handle the most sensitive and delicate cases. We are a caring staff of experienced and trauma-informed advocates who work closely with crime victims and witnesses to provide education, knowledge, guidance, and emotional support through every step of the criminal justice process.

Since taking office in January 2021, District Attorney Williams has doubled the size of the Victim/Witness staff, including placing the first ever Victim/Witness Advocate in the Juvenile Division.

Dedicated Victim/Witness Advocates provide case status updates, access to resources, and ensure ongoing support during the prosecutorial stage of the criminal justice process.

Victim/Witness Advocates will conduct safety assessments and provide services as needed while also accompanying victims, witnesses, and their families to all relevant courtroom hearings, preparing each for trial, and ensuring everyone’s rights are respected and protected throughout the process.

The Office of the District Attorney recognizes how intimidating and unfamiliar Criminal Court can be to anyone who has witnessed or been victimized by violent crime. While Assistant District Attorneys are focused on the successful prosecution of the charged offenders, you can count on our specially trained Victim/Witness Advocates to serve as an invaluable support system and conduit to the justice process.

For support, please call our office.

  • Call Our Office (504) 822-2414


“Being a victim of crime impacted my life in many different ways. Sometimes I can’t sleep or eat. When I go out sometimes I get scared. I’m in and out of hospital, trying to cope with all of this. It was very difficult and it still difficult living with what I been through. I know I always have Claire to help me stay strong and keep my head up.”

Human Trafficking Survivor

“Living through the murder of your child is unbearable. During the judicial process the fear, isolation and uncertainty becomes all consuming. Because of our Victims Advocate we have felt informed, included  and supported every step of the way.”

Mother of Murder Victim