It’s time to put people first.

Increasing safety. Delivering justice.

Jason Williams,
Orleans Parish District Attorney


A 21st Century
Prosecutors’ Office

New Orleans has led the world in convictions and incarcerations for decades, without any corresponding decrease in crime. It’s time for us to be as smart on crime as we’ve historically been tough on crime. The District Attorney’s Office is simultaneously increasing safety and delivering justice with a laser focus on serious offenses and a belief that every New Orleanian deserves the presumption of innocence.

Jason Williams

Orleans Parish District Attorney

From college football to law school, private practice to public service with a career defined by personal conviction and professional compassion, District Attorney Jason Williams is a New Orleans native through and through. But, he is a civil servant most of all—a singularly honorable man guided by an ethos of respect for others, justice for all, and leadership through it all.

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