The Honorable Jason Rogers Williams was sworn in as District Attorney of Orleans Parish on January 11, 2021.


District Attorney Jason Williams, a distinguished legal professional and current District Attorney, was born in 1972 in the vibrant city of New Orleans. His upbringing was shaped by the skilled hands of Sidney Williams, a master carpenter, and the nurturing guidance of Janice Rogers, a devoted school teacher.

After spending his formative years in Georgia and attending Woodward Academy, Jason returned to New Orleans in 1990 to pursue higher education at Tulane University. A versatile individual, he not only excelled in academics but also showcased his athletic prowess by walking onto the university’s football team. This commitment led to a full scholarship and the prestigious Martin M. Kelly Award, underscoring his exceptional leadership both on and off the field.

Throughout his tenure at Tulane, Jason demonstrated a natural aptitude for leadership, earning the trust of his peers and securing the position of class president for all four years. This early display of organizational acumen foreshadowed a distinguished career marked by a commitment to public service.

In his current role as District Attorney, Jason Williams brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the legal landscape. His journey from the football field to the courtroom reflects a trajectory defined by resilience, intelligence, and an unwavering dedication to the principles of justice.

With a professional background grounded in academic excellence, athletic achievement, and a proven track record of leadership, Jason Williams continues to make significant contributions to the legal profession. His ability to unite diverse perspectives, coupled with a passion for justice, positions him as a respected figure in the legal community, embodying the values of fairness and equity.

Jason Williams sitting at his desk