The District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that our prosecutors and staff remain accountable to the public. District Attorney Williams promised the people of New Orleans that transparency would be the cornerstone of his DA’s Office, just as it was during his tenure as City Council President and Chair of the Council’s Criminal Justice Committee.

Since taking office, we have hired the office’s first ever-in-house Data Analyst to focus solely on tracking data and information moving through the DA’s Office and the larger criminal legal system, so that we can measure efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness. We also launched the office’s first public-facing data dashboard; this particular one documents case screening for adults. More dashboards will be released and regularly updated for the public so that the community stays aware of the office’s work through a variety of metrics.

We have also joined a network of prosecutor’s offices implementing prosecutorial performance indicators (PPIs) — a project supported by the MacArthur Foundation and implemented by experts on prosecutorial research and policy from Florida International University and Loyola University Chicago. The PPIs are office management, performance measurement, and transparency tools widely adopted by prosecutorial offices across the country. With this initiative, we are working to prioritize impact, publish the DA’s Office policies for public viewing by the first quarter of 2022, and further ensure that all communities of New Orleans can see what their money is paying our prosecutors to do.

Data on Charge Screening Decisions