November 22, 2023

District Attorney’s Office Secures Attempted Murder Conviction of Perry Briley in Brazen 2021 Shootings

New Orleans, LA — In a significant victory, the District Attorney’s Office has successfully secured a conviction against Perry Briley for harrowing series of shootings in May of 2021. The multiple-day trial, which commenced on November 13, 2023, addressed a range of charges, including attempted second-degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm, and aggravated assault with a firearm.

The charges against Perry Briley stemmed from a series of chilling events on May 13, 2021, when Briley, armed with a firearm, targeted a dean and seven students at the Bridge Charter School. Riding a bike, Briley circled the area menacingly, targeting the Bridge Charter School community. His aggression escalated, leading to further acts of violence, culminating in the shooting of Lamont Fletcher. Fletcher was hit five times in the head and face on the neutral ground of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Briley fled the scene and later discharged his firearm multiple times into a Josephine St residence.

Following a multiple-day trial, the jury delivered a decisive verdict on November 16th. After a detailed and compelling presentation of the evidence against Briley, the jury returned convictions for multiple violent crimes involving the use of a weapon.

  •  Count 1: Guilty as Charged – Attempted second-degree murder

  •  Count 2: Guilty as Charged – Felon in possession of a firearm

  •  Count 3: Guilty as Charged – Possession of a firearm by someone convicted of domestic violence

  •  Counts 4-11: Guilty of Attempted aggravated assault with a firearm

  •  Count 12: Guilty as Charged – Possession of a firearm by a non-student on school campus

  •  Count 13: Guilty as Charged – Illegal discharge of a firearm during a crime of violence

OPDA was represented at trial by 1st Chair ADA William Dieters and ADA Alexandra Geissmann, supported by a dedicated trial team that included Investigator Adrian Malone and Trial Assistant Ravyn Hughes. Under ADA Dieters’ leadership, this team plunged into the case file and constructed a strategy to get justice for Lamont Fletcher and each of the several victims terrorized by Briley’s wanton behavior.

NOPD Sixth District officers, including Lazano Black, Gerald Aufdemorte, Rene Benjamin, and Matthew Bencik, played a pivotal role in quickly tracking and apprehending Briley. After apprehending Perry, who was found aiming his weapon at drivers, these officers were able to build a strong identification of Perry using witness accounts and 911 call information. Through meticulous investigatory work, which included DNA analysis, NOPD officers directly tied Perry to the earlier crime scenes and the weapon used in each of the earlier incidents.

1st Chair ADA William Dieters expressed his gratitude for the jury and law enforcement collaborators, stating: “We appreciate the jury’s engagement throughout this lengthy trial and for today’s verdict. This decision officially holds Perry Briley accountable for terrorizing innocent bystanders and nearly taking the life of LaMont Fletcher. I’m grateful for the dedication of our trial team, which included preparing a complex multi-victim prosecution and engaging each of those families. None of this would be possible without the outstanding work of Colby Stewart, Lazano Black, Gerald Aufdemorte, Rene Benjamin, Charles Haw, Matthew Bencik, and the entire NOPD Sixth District staff.”

District Attorney Jason Williams commended his prosecutors and trial team while remarking on what this conviction means for the City: “This conviction is a resounding affirmation that our community will not tolerate violence. ADA William Dieters and this trial team demonstrated exceptional commitment and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice. We stand united against anyone who threatens the safety and well-being of our citizens. The collaboration between our office and NOPD showcases the strength of our commitment to the safety of our people

ADA Dieters closed, stating: ‘Our thoughts remain with the victims, and we hope this verdict brings them a measure of closure.”

Judge Robin Pittman scheduled Perry’s sentencing for December 14, 2023, in Section F.