November 17, 2023

“DA Williams Urges Responsible Gun Ownership for Child Safety, Announces Free Gun Lockboxes”

NEW ORLEANS — November 17, 2023 – In a press conference held yesterday, District Attorney Jason Williams emphasized the critical need for responsible gun ownership, particularly in households with children. Recent tragic incidents have underscored the urgency of addressing this issue, highlighting the preventable nature of such occurrences. As a community, the call to action is clear—protect our youth by taking meaningful steps to ensure secure firearm storage in homes.

The District Attorney’s office is taking proactive measures to support responsible gun ownership. Williams announced that free gun lockboxes are available now to families ahead of the holidays. Notably, the office will not require anyone to provide identification at the time of pickup, making it more accessible for households to secure their firearms responsibly.

The press conference also shed light on the legal consequences for those who neglect their duty to safely store firearms, especially when it leads to children accessing these weapons. Louisiana law is unequivocal about responsible gun ownership, and individuals failing in this duty may face criminal penalties. Prosecutors present at the conference affirmed their commitment to pursuing appropriate charges against those who disregard this responsibility.

DA Williams emphasized that gun safety is not merely a legal or policy matter, stating “… it’s a fundamental moral obligation to prioritize the well-being of children. The goal is to prevent tragedies and reinforce the principle that responsible gun ownership is integral to protecting our youth and community well-being.”

Furthermore, DA Williams commended the collaborative efforts of the New Orleans Health Department and Children’s Hospital in spearheading the “Be Smart” gun safety education campaign. The campaign aims to increase awareness and promote responsible firearm practices. The public is strongly encouraged to engage with the provided resources, empowering themselves with the knowledge needed to ensure proper firearm handling and storage, ultimately contributing to community safety.

In closing, DA Williams called upon every member of the community to engage in open conversations about responsible gun ownership, breaking down barriers preventing honest discussion.

“We owe it to our children to foster a healthy environment where they can thrive without the constant threat of violent crime and gun-related accidents. That is a commitment OPDA will uphold with every resource within reach.”

Lock Boxes will be available for pick up at the DA’s Office beginning today, Friday, November 17th.