NEW ORLEANS – Today, Orleans Parish District Attorney (OPDA) Jason Williams joined Louisiana State Troopers to offer the Welcome Address at the 2023 Louisiana State Police (LSP) Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction (MVCI) conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown New Orleans.

District Attorney Jason Williams said, “Simply put, these are the tools and force multipliers we need to increase safety and deliver justice in the criminal legal system of New Orleans. My office acknowledges the changing criminal patterns in our city and fully supports the use of technology to combat violent crime in our community. We have to take the next steps and be ahead of the game with the help of motivated leadership and community partners to put game-changing ideas into action that will help our office in identifying the root causes of crime, being specific about the individuals that are arrested and making sure we can secure guilty verdicts in court without reasonable doubt. The fact of the matter is that the criminal element and perpetrators of violent crime have embraced technology at a clip faster clip than anticipated, but our solution is having more players in this fight and being strategic about it. I believe that using the District Screener Unit and implementing Risk Terrain Modeling is like having better-equipped players on the field, helping us reduce crime by identifying problem areas with the community’s help.”

DA Williams delivers Welcome Address at 2023 Louisiana State Police Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction Conference in Downtown New Orleans.

“The need for stronger collaboration is as important now as ever,” said District Attorney Jason Williams. As the fight against criminals persists and their tactics become more advanced, the DA’s Office is appreciative of those who undertake this crucial work. There is no public safety unless someone makes it their job to do the work of making the public safe and the men and women of the Louisiana State Police are among that select elite number who chose this service. We express our gratitude to Colonel Lamar Davis and Lieutenant James Jefferson for their invitation.”

The Annual MVCI Training Conference is a 4-day comprehensive workshop emphasizing criminal interdiction indicators, smuggling trends, vehicle searches, contraband concealment, and officer safety to provide law enforcement officers from across the country with the best training, resources, and leadership training available.

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