NEW ORLEANS – Yesterday, Orleans Parish District Attorney (OPDA) Jason Williams stood with the City of New Orleans Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Gilbert Montaño, Office of Criminal Justice Coordination (OCJC) Commissioner Tenisha Stevens, City of New Orleans Chief Information Officer Kim LaGrue, New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Interim Superintendent Michelle Woodfork, President of Consulting Services John Chiaramonte, Chief Public Defender Danny Engelberg, Chief Judge Robin Pittman and District E Councilman Oliver Thomas to announce the thirty million dollar. American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded Justice Technology Modernization Program partnership with Mission Critical Partners to modernize New Orleans’ outdated justice technology systems.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade our case management systems, improve communication among system partners and collectively fight back against crime in New Orleans in a way that the criminal legal system has never seen done before,” said District Attorney Jason Williams. “Utilizing the historic ARPA allocation, we are seizing a rare opportunity to bring the city into the 21st century. In the past, our outdated systems have led to errors, but with this ARPA allocation, we finally have the resources to address these shortcomings. We will benefit from a system tailored to our specific needs and improve efficiency all while leaving a legacy for future generations. Truth is, this work will outlive each and everyone one of us, but this investment into a much more effective and efficient system provides accountability for each of our public safety partners efforts to deliver on commitments to transform our city for the better. The selection of Mission Critical Partners to guide us through this process is a huge asset, and I want to thank all stakeholders for their collaboration and dedication. With strong teammates and a highly technical process, I am optimistic that we will achieve impactful results for the people of New Orleans.”

Chief Administrative Officer Gilbert Montaño said, “At long last, we have the funding, the support, and the expertise to execute this project together with our partners in the justice system. The complexity of the judicial system requires a comprehensive technology roadmap that will replace systems that are in some cases more than forty years old. This project will, for the first time, establish a common language among all criminal justice agencies. If we get this right, we will make one of the largest strides in our city’s history towards collectively fighting crime.”

The DA’s Office is thrilled to collaborate with public safety officials and stakeholders to completely modernize the current outdated case management systems and enhance communications between all partners in the criminal legal system.

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