NEW ORLEANS – Today, DA Williams released a statement supporting the passage of Senate Bill 117, authored by Senator Jimmy Harris to increase penalties for drive-by shootings.

District Attorney Jason Williams said, “The nature and methods of violent crime in our communities have evolved, and that demands that our responses also evolve to counter new threats. Senator Jimmy Harris accepted and delivered upon that charge with the introduction and successful passage of Senate Bill 117, which strengthens penalties for drive-by shootings and expands the law’s reach to include shootings on interstate highways. This new bill ensures that the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office and our law enforcement partners are equipped with another resource to appropriately prosecute violent criminals who act recklessly, and deter others who might plan to do so. Senate Bill 117 will benefit jurisdictions across the state but we expect its impact to resonate in New Orleans, particularly, where we’ve experienced a rash of violent interstate shootings and careless discharging of weapons from moving vehicles. We are grateful to Senator Harris and the Louisiana Legislature for hearing the countless voices call for solutions to violence on our roadways and taking swift action.”

Please click here to view the final text of SB117, engrossed to highlight the changes.

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