NEW ORLEANS – Today, District Attorney Williams announced the arraignment and Grand Jury decisions in the murder case of 12-year-old Todriana Peters including the indictments of Albert Major, Broderick Andrews, Dorian Ratliff, Tyrese Riley, Pernell Young, Samuel Mack, Bijon Jarrow, Marcus Venible, Ahmahj Lynch, Raquian Bell. These individuals have been indicted on charges of 1.) Second Degree Murder of Todriana Peters, 2.) conspiracy to commit Second Degree Murder, 3.) Attempted Second Degree Murder of Jeremiah Dillion and 4.) Attempted Second Degree Murder of Brandon Johnson.

According to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) reports, Todriana Peters was visiting a graduation party on Sunday, May 30, 2021 with her cousin when she was killed during retaliatory gunfire following an earlier gun battle. Four of the men being indicted – Ratliff, Riley, Young and Venible – were riding together earlier in the day when they began exchanging gunfire with another vehicle. Later this day, this group noticed the vehicle from the earlier altercation outside of the graduation party and began fire. During the shooting, they wounded Brandon Johnson and Jeremiah Dillion and fatally murdered Todriana Peters.

Joining DA Williams, at today’s press conference was Todriana’s parents Katrina Lambert (mother), Todd Peters (father), and her aunts.

Todriana Peters’s Mother Katrina Lambert said, “We experienced the loss of our beautiful baby girl, Todriana. She was smart with a bright future ahead of her and she was tragically murdered. It is a pain that I wouldn’t wish on any family in the world. I am thankful for the work of DA’s Office and all of law enforcement to bring the people, who murdered my daughter, to justice. The violence in New Orleans must stop. My daughter may no longer be with us, but I will do everything I can to keep her legacy alive and stand with my community to end violence in New Orleans.”

Todriana Peters’s Aunt Kim Rodgers said, “This is hard — speaking on behalf of my family we are awaiting the day when justice will truly be served for Todriana because she didn’t deserve what she got. She should still be here with us, but instead she is gone because of some senseless foolishness. My family is hurting. I pitty the kids who are involved in this because they had their whole lives ahead of them and the threw their lives away. I pitty them. I appreciate the DA’s Office and how quickly you worked towards closing this case and findings the guys involved. My family appreciates you, the movement, the phone calls and all you have done.

The DA’s Office is grateful for the support and partnership of the NOPD, specifically the Homicide Unit and Violent Crime Abatement and Intelligence Team, Louisiana State Police and the St. Bernard Sheriff’s office. The collaboration across agencies led to successful indictments in this case and has put our office on the track toward securing justice for Todriana Peters and the other victims in this case.

Additionally, interagency collaboration and thorough investigative work led the DA’s Office to clear charges against an original suspect, Mr. Dantrell Brown. A few months ago, he was arrested in connection to this murder. However, through smart & accurate work, the DA’s Office cleared his charges and he was released from jail. Through this level of intention, focus and fairness, the Williams Administration is committed to restoring trust in this office and criminal legal system.

District Attorney Williams said, “I have always said that the goal of my office is not to prosecute as many people as possible, but it is to ensure that we are prosecuting the right people. As the city with the most exonerations in the world, we know the harm that happens to communities when we wrongfully convict people including eroding trust in the criminal legal system and leaving the real perpetrator to reoffend. I am committed to increasing safety the right way which means being smart and scrupulous about the work we are doing and ensuring we make the most informed decisions.”

“The senseless violence in New Orleans must stop. Too many of our families are having to deal with the pain of losing children and loved ones as a result of unnecessary, avoidable conflict. As the father of a daughter, my hearts and prayers are with the parents, family and friends of 12-year old Todriana Peters, who lost her life in such a tragic way. Looking in the eyes of her parents is the most palpable reminder of the work that needs to be done in New Orleans to make our city safer.” said District Attorney Williams. “In this case, and the others involving murder and violence, the people of New Orleans can rest assured that my office will not stop until we secure justice. From the beginning, my top priority has been increasing safety by laser-focusing on prosecuting violent crime happening in our neighborhoods. This has not changed and will never change. We will hold those responsible for the murder of Todriana Peters accountable; these indictments are the first step.”

Since January 11th, the DA’s Office has secured 59 Grand Jury indictments for violent crime which is proof positive of the Williams Administration’s commitment to increase safety and deliver justice for the people of New Orleans.


Norman was arrested after her four-month-old baby was found unresponsive suffering from multiple injuries including blunt force head trauma, lacerated frenulum, bruising to face, long bone fractures of varying ages and rib fractures of varying ages. The New Orleans Coroner’s Office ultimately ruled the manner of death a homicide caused by blunt force head injuries. Norman is alleged to have caused these injuries while acting as the child’s sole caregiver. At the time of the homicide, Norman was wanted on an arrest warrant issued for her for domestic abuse battery of the baby’s father.

Norman was indicted on one count of second degree murder, obstruction of justice in a first degree murder investigation and domestic abuse battery first offense.



According to reports, Matthew was arrested for forcing his partner, with the use of a firearm, to perform oral sex on him. Reports also state that the four children in the hotel room witnessed this activity and were also forced to disrobe. The children were beaten and two of the girls were forced to perform oral sex on Matthews. Additionally, the reports state that Matthew forced the children to perform oral sex on each other and his partner to perform oral sex on her son and daughter.

Matthews was indicted on four counts of first degree rape, four counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile and felon in possession of a firearm.



NEW ORLEANS – Today, District Attorney Williams announces indictments in several cases involving major crimes of violence including abuse & sexual violence against mothers and children. The New Orleans Grand Jury indicted Gregory Matthews on four counts of first degree rape, four counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile and felon in possession of a firearm. Additionally, Loretta Norman was indicted on one count of second degree murder, obstruction of justice in a first degree murder investigation and domestic abuse battery first offense and, Angelyc Seely was indicted on second degree murder of a minor child.

“This administration is committed to increasing safety and justice in our neighborhoods for our families. Specifically, anyone who is looking to violate or abuse our mothers and children will be vigorously prosecuted and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” said DA Williams. “We are sending a clear message that we will not tolerate the misuse or abuse of our young people or those caring for them. Securing these indictments by the New Orleans Grand Jury is the first step in ensuring that we secure justice in these cases and hold those responsible accountable for these heinous acts.”