The Trials Division of the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office features those Assistant District Attorneys assigned to present evidence and witness testimony before judges and juries at Criminal District Court, where criminal defendants stand trial for charged offenses.

Prosecutors in the Trials Division generally are assigned to handle docketed cases in one of the 12 sections of criminal court. Prosecutors are expected to try criminal cases in accordance with state law, the Louisiana Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

The cooperation and assistance of federal law enforcement partners including the FBI, ATF, DEA, and U.S. Attorney’s Office provides additional support in our ongoing effort to stem violent crime in New Orleans by bringing its perpetrators to justice. New Orleans police and prosecutors have forged a collaborative working relationship. The partnership is exhibited in weekly “charge conferences,” in which NOPD supervisors, detectives, and prosecutors consult on cases of homicide, sex crimes, armed robberies, and other serious violent offenses. The charge conferences have laid the foundation for accepting cases that can be prosecuted.