NEW ORLEANS – The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (OPDA) secured the conviction of defendant Kanethra Burnett for an incident that took place in the 8000 block of Arcadia Street in New Orleans East. Through the hard work of a dedicated trial team led by Deputy Chief of Trials Constance Tullier and Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Joseph Tucker, Burnett was found guilty of two counts of Aggravated Battery.


“Our office has and will continue to surge back against any violent criminal who chooses to hurt and cause fear to our neighbors. This defendant’s brazen and violent attack on these victims was unwarranted and traumatic, and our prosecutors fought vigorously to secure a just result,” said District Attorney Jason Williams. “I am proud of the hard work of Deputy Chief of Trials Tullier and ADA Tucker to present a strong case and secure a unanimous verdict for the victims of this crime. These survivors did exactly what we ask of our community. They did not meet violence with violence. They did not escalate the attack and contribute to more bloodshed in our great city. Instead, they put their faith in the DA’s Office, law enforcement, and in our court system. They never sought vengeance, but with this verdict, they finally have justice.”

According to NOPD reports, Burnett was arrested after attacking two victims on February 15, 2022. After an argument, Burnett cut both victims with a wine glass. Following the violent attack, one victim suffered a major cut to their forearm, and the other victim suffered a major cut to their back.

The trial took place in Section H of Criminal District Court; Judge Camille Buras presided. The sentencing date is set for May 25, 2022. The defendant faces up to 20 years in prison.

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