3,146 total convictions secured via guilty plea thus far in 2022

NEW ORLEANS – Today, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (OPDA) announced that 154 convictions were secured via guilty plea in the first half of November 2022. These convictions secured via guilty plea include a number of violent offenses such as domestic abuse, illegal possession of weapons, kidnapping, manslaughter, theft, and sexual assault.

Thus far in 2022, OPDA has secured a total of 3,146 convictions via guilty plea. Last year, despite court closures, OPDA secured over 3,500 convictions via guilty pleas in over 1,700 cases. These numbers, along with 17 other data dashboards, are available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the “Increase Transparency” page of our website, www.orleansda.com.

OPDA is laser-focused on prosecuting violent crimes committed in our neighborhoods, and we will continue to hold individuals accountable via guilty plea where appropriate.