NEW ORLEANS – Today, District Attorney Jason Williams announced indictments in two cases involving violent offenses in New Orleans. The Orleans Parish Grand Jury indicted Mitchell Smith and Burneal Elliot on one count of Second-Degree Murder with a Firearm and one count of Obstruction of Justice in a Homicide Investigation. Elliot was also charged with one count of Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Additionally, Milan Collins was indicted on one count of Second-Degree Murder and Domestic Abuse Battery.

“Since taking office, we have been committed to being laser-focused on surging back against crime and holding those accountable who wish to wreak havoc on our communities.” said District Attorney Williams. “This office has been and will continue doing everything we possibly can to increase safety and secure justice.”


Smith and Elliott were arrested for murder in March 2021 near St. Bernard Avenue.


Collins was arrested for murder in January 2022 on St. Charles Street.

These indictments are proof positive of a commitment to increase safety, and the DA’s Office looks forward to ensuring appropriate accountability for crime in our neighborhoods.

In addition to securing Grand Jury indictments, the DA’s Office secured 90 guilty pleas during the month of March for violent offenses bringing the total number of guilty pleas secured in 2022 to 285. Last year, despite court closures due to COVID-19, OPDA secured over 3500 guilty pleas across over 1700 cases.

These indictments and guilty pleas build on the work of prosecutors to secure guilty verdicts in their cases, including three murder cases, presented in court the past two weeks.

DA Williams, along with OPDA Trials Division Chief Matthew Derbes, secured the conviction of defendant Samuel Hunter for the Second Degree Murder of Anthony Bridges in the 1700 block of Monroe Street on Christmas Day 2020. ADAs Liz Strauss and Adele Krieger secured the conviction of Demeccio Caston for the Second Degree Murder of Patrick Lamar in New Orleans East in August 2019. ADAs Samantha Stagias and Carmen Gealogo secured the conviction of Trae Williams for the Manslaughter of his uncle Eddie Salvant III in Algiers in April 2014. Lastly, OPDA Trials Division Chief Matthew Derbes and ADAs Joseph Zanetti secured the conviction of defendant Harrison Bethley for the Manslaughter of his cousin, Darnell Thomas, in the 1800 block of Treasure Street in February 2020.

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