NEW ORLEANS – Following the DA’s Office securing the conviction via guilty plea of defendant Bryan Andry for the killing of 60-year-old Portia Pollock, Andry was sentenced to 35 years in prison today.

District Attorney Jason Williams said, “Every senseless killing in our city is horrible, but we all felt a collective shock with the murder of this 60-year-old woman last year. From Day 1, as we do in all cases, I pledged to follow the evidence and do everything in my power to secure justice for the family and friends of Portia Pollock. In less than a year, the DA’s Office has been able to make sure that the person who committed this egregious crime is held accountable. While I am proud of our success in jury trials, this case is proof that we can secure justice without even going to court when we get adequate evidence and witness participation. So to those that say convictions via guilty plea don’t mean much – today’s 35 year sentence of Bryan Andry for the killing of Ms. Portia Pollock is proof that we are using every tool in our arsenal as prosecutors to ensure justice is served.”

You can watch DA Williams’ full statement and interview below: