NEW ORLEANS – Today, Orleans Parish District Attorney (OPDA) Jason Williams and OPDA Chief of Screening Andre Gaudin Jr. attended the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Management Analytics for eXcellence (MAX) meeting to address NOPD Superintendent Michelle Woodfork and her Command staff about Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) and how the strategy can act as a force multiplier for our local public safety agencies. The weekly NOPD MAX meetings are held to dive deep into the systemic issues of crime, management, community policing, and risk management to develop solutions aimed at the root of the issue.

District Attorney Jason Williams said, “We can’t use the same tools to fight crime because crime has evolved to evade traditional methods. That means we need to evolve at a faster pace. We are exploring every way to do more with less and we’re here because if collectively move in lockstep, we can really punch above our weight. This concept of Risk Terrain Modeling empowers the men and women in this room, in partnership with us and our colleagues in Code enforcement and other city departments to make the most informed decisions about where safety resources and assets to be deployed. It allows us to work with communities in the same ways we always have but now with more focus and precision, so we get the most benefit for the energy expended. Community leaders, churches, cultural pillars and others will have some agency in illuminating hotbeds for crime and locations ripe for criminal activity and see results. And that will ultimately build more trust with the community as we show up for them in a significant way.

OPDA Chief of Screening Andre Gaudin Jr. discussing how to use Risk Terrain Modeling at NOPD Headquarters.

RTM is risk assessment for places and diagnoses crime patterns. It identifies environmental conditions that contribute to crime problems. RTM drives decision-making and action for public safety. The Data-driven RTM model fits seamlessly with local data practices which have significantly ramped up over the last several years and will markedly improve the way we strategically deploy precious resources.

OPDA Screening Chief Andre Gaudin Jr. said, “We’re very excited to share this force multiplier with our partners at NOPD which will help better understand the relationship between our communities and the crime that impacts these areas. This data-informed community engagement is necessary for understanding crime trends. RTM is a potential game-changer in the approach of law enforcement officials in increasing safety and properly engaging with crime hot spots in our city. ”

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