NEW ORLEANS – Yesterday, DA Williams announced the special grand jury indictment of Keyhaid McGee, Ivory Grant, Camron Bryant and Larry Winbush for conspiracy to commit armed robbery with a firearm and 11 counts of armed robbery. These individuals were arrested for the armed robbery of 11 victims and families.

“From Day 1, we have been clear – we are not wasting resources on going after squirrels and rabbits; we are focused on the lions and bears and getting repeat violent offenders off the streets. Yesterday’s indictment is proof positive of this commitment,” said DA Williams. “Sure, there is a crime surge and we have much work to do. But, the people of New Orleans can rest assured that we are surging back and that four very serious, violent offenders are off the streets. And we are confident that based on the evidence of an armed robbery crime spree and web of criminality, we can present a clear case to a judge to secure convictions to hold these violent offenders accountable.”

According to the NOPD reports, the defendants participated in 8 armed robberies over a two-week period in a number of neighborhoods across New Orleans including Uptown, New Orleans East, Gentilly and St. Roch. Based on the severity of the crime spree, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (OPDA) convened a special grand jury to show the web of criminality, strengthen the OPDA’s argument for a higher bond, and to ultimately secure convictions in court.

This indictment is proof positive that joint task forces work. After close collaboration between the OPDA and the NOPD, the OPDA was able to secure strong evidence to empanel a special grand jury to secure an indictment for conspiracy to commit armed robbery with a firearm and 11 counts of armed robbery which has a penalty of 15 to 99 years in jail. The hardworking Assistant District Attorney, NOPD 2nd District, 3rd District and Special Operations Division deserve a lot of credit for their continued partnership to arrest and prosecute violent offenders.

On Monday, DA Williams presented to the New Orleans City Council a 7 prong strategy to increase safety and hold violent offenders accountable. As part of the presentation, DA Williams discussed OPDA charging carjacking as armed robberies, where appropriate, as well as the need for law enforcement partnership through the Serial Crimes Initiative to build larger, more comprehensive cases. Yesterday’s indictment is further proof of the impact and importance of each of those tenets of the plan.